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04 November 2010 @ 06:05 pm
Dune (Frank)  
Title: Dune (Frank)
Authors:[info]popheart [info]xx_anarchy_xx
Pairings: Frank/Geeva (Gerard), Mikey/Show Pony
Rating: This Part: NC-17 Overall: NC-17
Warnings: drugs, alcohol, sex, prostitution, adult situations
Disclaimer: We made this up. If they knew that we'd written this. Bad things would happen. Thinking up this story was too much fun for it to be real. Please don't sue. No matter how fabulous Geeva is.
Summary: Welcome to Dune. The seediest club in all of Battery City. After months of longing and desire. After months of sneaking off the the bathroom to jack off, images of Geeva gyrating flashing in his mind. Tonight would be the fucking night.
A/N: This is just meant to be a bit of fun. What started as a small in joke after the MCR concert, has now turned into this monster that won't get out of our heads. You can also keep updated on the characters via Twitter. So far we only have our star and the bar manager. Lady Geeva, Steve, Dune's Manager (More twitters coming soon as the story evolves)


Dune (Frank)