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30 March 2008 @ 12:46 am
Twenty Something: The (nearly) Quarter-Life Crisis of Gerard Arthur Way (12/12)  
Title: Twenty Something: The (nearly) Quarter-Life Crisis of Gerard Arthur Way (12/12)
Author: synthetic_tales/xx_anarchy_xxRating: R (this may change)
Pairing: Gerard/Frank, Ray/Bob, Brendon/OFC
Disclaimer: I own nothing but merchandice and an overactive imagination 
Summary: Gerard is a, nearly, twenty-something artist who lives with his best friend Ray. His job is meaningless and everyone seems to be better off.
Characters: My Chemical Romance/ Panic at the Disco
Author's Note: THE END!

January // February // March // April // May // June // July // August // September // October // November

Tuesday, December 1st
24 days until Christmas. 24 days to but gifts and such. It’s on the holidays I’m glad I don’t know too many people, means I don’t have to spend a lot of money. I’m terrible at gift buying, I normal just buy things I would like and then convince myself that others will like it too. I can only get away with this when I’m buying for Ray though. I need to start thinking what to buy and get it soon. I’m not ending up in the Christmas Eve rush like last year, being squashed into a wall by an angry elderly couple buying for their grandkids.

Old people can be vicious at Christmas.

Wednesday, December 2nd
There’s a massive singing Santa outside the mall. It stays completely inactive until I walk past it when it starts to sing and scares the living crap out of me! I kicked it in the ass when no one was looking. The actually mall Santa didn’t sing but he did have a line of kids stood in front of him with parents hanging off their arms. To be honest I’ve never really liked Santa, I don’t know if it’s the red suit, the fact he lives in one of the coldest places on earth or has a slave labour force of elves at his beck and call but there’s something about him I really don’t like. The last time I went to visit a mall Santa, when I was 8, I punched the guy in the balls he was so freaky. It made Mikey laugh but the mall Santa was less than pleased.

Another problem with Christmas is the variety of stuff on offer. It’s very hard to find the right thing for the right person. I had a rough idea of what people would like. I found one thing for Ray that I know he’ll like. He likes director’s commentaries so I got him the re-released George A. Romero Director’s Cut box set with 37 hours of commentaries. Should keep him amused for a few days.

Thursday, December 3rd
Was awakened by someone banging on the door. I groaned loudly and went to answer the door. Frank was asleep on the couch after another fight with Jamia. I swear they’re close to breaking up, I can feel it in the air. Brendon was stood at the door, hopping from one foot to the other quickly.

“What the hell man? It’s half two!” I muttered, rubbing sleep out of my eyes. He grabbed my shirt and got in my face.

“I need a ride to the hospital,” he said, shaking me about.


“Joan went into labour, we had a fight so I wasn’t there and now I can’t get to the hospital!”

“We don’t have a car,” I pointed out, feeling a little more awake. Frank mumbled and sat up.

“Then why is there one parked outside?” Brendon asked.

“That’s Bob’s,” I said before I was pushed out the way and Brendon ran in the direction of Ray’s room.

“What’s going on?” Frank mumbled.

“Brendon’s about to become a dad.”

Within the minute Brendon was running out with Bob in tow, almost falling over while trying to put on pants.

“You could just let me drive,” Brendon pointed out, handing Bob his shoes.

“No way!” He said. Ray emerged soon after, throwing a pair of pants at me.

“We’re going to the hospital dude,” he said, surprisingly awake. I looked over at Frank, who shrugged and threw the blanket off himself.

Brendon was bouncing in the car seat so much it was borderline annoying. Frank fell asleep in my shoulder on the way and I couldn’t help but feel like I could easily get used to it. I virtually had to carry him into the hospital, comatose in sleep. Brendon ran to the front desk and was quickly escorted to wherever Joan was. We all fell back to sleep pretty quick and no amount of bad hospital coffee was gonna stop that.

Brendon’s daughter is adorable. Seriously. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He was beaming with joy when we went to see the happily family. He wasn’t allowed to hold her for too long though, he was shaking really badly.

“Any names?” I asked. The couple looked at each other before looking at their daughter.

“Yeah. Guys, say hello to Isabella Urie.”

“I’m a jerk,” Frank sighed as we left for home. Brendon was gonna stay with Joan, so they could patch up their differences for the sake of their daughter and be happy.

“What?” No you’re not,” I said.

“Yeah I am. I need to talk to Jamia.”

Friday, December 4th
Ray found the paper with all possible available apartments circled on it. I came straight out with the truth, remember to say many times that I loved living with him but I need my own space.

“When were you gonna go?” He asked.

“After new years.”

“Okay…we’re having a moving party when you do.”

“Oh hell yeah!”

Saturday, December 5th
Another trip to the mall. Frank towed along, trying to take his mind off his imminent confrontation with Jamia. I did my best to help him. I bought his gift Wednesday so I was in the clear there. We both realised we need to buy something for the latest arrival so we ducked into a childcare place.

“Oh my god! That’s the biggest stuffed animal I’ve ever seen!” Frank said, looking up at a 7”5 polar bear.

“I’ve seen bigger,” I said, rummaging through the mass of fake fur and bright colours.

“Does it have to be pink?” Frank asked, holding a yellow bird with a large bell around its neck.

“It’s a little girl so probably.”

“Ohh! What about this?” Frank said, throwing a pink poodle at me. It was really soft and fluffy.

“One down, one to go,” I said, throwing it back. We ended up with a pink poodle, a plushie ballerina and a few odd looks.

“Well that’s the youngest Urie sorted. “What about the eldest?” Frank said as we weaved between shoppers.

“I’ve no idea. I need to get something for Bob, Mikey and Alicia too.”

I ended up getting Mikey a ‘Shazam!’ shirt; he had one as a kid and was so pissed off when dad accidentally used it for oil rags in the garage. To be fair he did wear it almost threadbare. For Alicia I bought some weird bath things, girls like smelly things for the bath. Bob however was a different question. I had no idea about him.

Apart from a year’s supply of lube maybe…

Sunday, December 6th
Frank told me about his confrontation, with his now ex-girlfriend. He didn’t tell me what they talked about but he said that Jamia understood once he explained himself and he’s still gonna have a full part in his kid’s life. He now lives with us on our couch. It means Ray is terrified of entering the living room now because of Frank’s snake. The tank is huge! It pretty much has a full grown tree in there. I get freaked out every time I open the freezer because I forget there are frozen mice in there. It makes me never want to be cryogenically frozen.

Monday, December 7th
I’ve decided to paint something for my parents. After the thanksgiving incident I don’t think they’d really want to see me and to be perfectly honest I don’t want to have to look at mom and see her thinking about me fucking some random guy.

Tuesday, December 8th
Frank’s snake is fascinating. Different shades of green and brown shimmer under the glow of its heat lamp as it lies perfectly still on its hot rock which is more like a paving slab than a rock, its eyes open and it tastes the air. Frank left a note asking me to feed it at three. The mice are freaky and disgusting and very cold and the snake loved them. Watching it eat the mouse whole was fascinating, its jaw going slack as it swallowed the mouse whole.

“I know a lot of guys who’d like to do what you can.”

Wednesday, December 9th
Put in an offer on an apartment that is perfect. Three bedrooms (I can use one as a study, the other as a guest room), masses of room and all open plan with a balcony which over looks the expensive man made park. If it gets accepted I move in January, gives enough time for the people who live their now to move out and for me to move my stuff in.

It might be a very expensive couple of months.

Thursday, December 10th
Frankenstein slid its way across the floor very slowly, exploring its new surroundings. Frank watched his pet with pride.

“Are you ever afraid that it’ll get so big it’ll eat you?” I asked.

“Sometimes, but I bought Frankenstein so I’m just gonna have to deal with it,” Frank said as his snake slithered over to be stroked.

“When did you get him?”

“About five years or so. Not a bad size for five years.”

“It gonna get any bigger?”

“Depends how often I feed him. Twice a week keeps him at this size. He shouldn’t get any bigger.”

“How do you know it’s a ‘he’?”

“Just a guess.”

Friday, December 11th
Drew Frankenstein this morning while he was on his hot rock. He’s the perfect model for an artist because he just doesn’t move. Ray’s starting to overcome his irrational fear. He can only do it in short burst though before he starts hyperventilating and almost passes out from fear. Frankenstein is about as long as his leg. I think he’s scared it’ll break out of his tank and eat him when he’s asleep. Understandable but still kinda childish. It’s reinforced glass. Frankenstein is going no where!

Saturday, December 12th
We’ve decided, for the sake of Ray’s mental health, that Frankenstein is gonna be moved to my room for Christmas day. It’s only fair, otherwise it’s gonna be a little hard for us to be together if Ray’s hiding in his room. Frank’s gonna stay here for Christmas too. Jamia’s going home for the holidays.

We have no space for a tree this year so I painted one and put it against the wall. It’s close enough and saves on cleaning up the fallen needles later on and taking hours to decorate. We all chipped in on painting the decorations. Frank did the star but painting his hand gold. He then chased me around with it and got me on the cheek. I have a golden cheek. It’s gonna be fun to pick off!

Sunday, December 13th
I’ve enlisted Frank to help me wrap and post the paintings people are ordering for Christmas presents. Ray writes out of the addresses, cause his handwriting is the neatest, me and Frank wrap them before leaving them buy the door to take down to the post office in the morning. It’s a full scale operation now. I’m surprised we aren’t using Frankenstein to like the stamps!

Do snakes even have enough salvia to lick a stamp? It’s not like it’s required in the wild as a defence mechanism. Not unless somewhere out there snakes do admin…

Monday, December 14th
Ray and Frank came home today with a lot of bags. I didn’t ask, but they did bring back takeout which I quickly dived into. Ray sat opposite Frankenstein, just staring at him instead of the TV. Frank and I sat in the floor, answering the questions on the quiz show before the contestants.

“We should go on this show,” Frank said with a mouthful of Thai food.

“We so should. These guys are shit…oh, Miami Dolphins!” I said, answering the question on TV.

“Since when do you know anything about football Gee?” Ray asked, keeping one eye on Frankenstein.

“Just a lucky guess,” I smiled before going back to the TV show.

“They’re the only football team you know, aren’t they Gee?” Ray smirked. I nodded meekly.

“Who cares? I don’t like football either,” Frank smiled.

In that moment if I could have kissed him and gotten away with it I would. Even if he did have a mouthful of Thai food.

Tuesday, December 15th
“What do you guys do at Christmas?” Frank asked, dropping a frozen mouse into the tank.

“Depends. Last year we got really wasted Christmas Eve and slept through Christmas day,” Ray answered. “Can’t remember the year before that.”

“Year before that we tried to see if you can make a rope that can hold a guy’s weight out of tinsel. You ended up with a concussion and fourteen stitches in your head. Remember, you had that patch of hair missing and had to wear a novelty hat for a few months,” I said. Ray looked vacant.

“So no parents or family or anything?” Frank said, watching his pet devour his frozen prey intently.

“Nope,” I said.

“Good, good.”             

Wednesday, December 16th
Started making Christmas cards to go with my gifts. I’ve never bought cards, I’ve always made them. It’s more personal (and I don’t really like Hallmark but that’s another story) so I can write and draw whatever I want. Mikey’s gonna get The Flash again and I’m pretty sure he’ll give me something to do with Batman. It’s been our thing for years. Proof that geeks never grow old, we’re still as childish as ever.

Thursday, December 17th
For the first time in years I’ve done all my Christmas shopping, made all the cards and wrapped everything with plenty of time to spare. Last time that happened I only had to buy three gifts and even then I didn’t technically but them, dad did. I just hope I chose well gift wise this time.

Friday, December 18th
Ray clinked as he walked through the door. I looked over the back of the sofa at him.

“Present or drink?” I asked.

“Drink. Store was having a sale so I stocked up.”

“Awesome. How much?”

“Enough to see us through to the 28th at least.”

“Double awesome.” 

Saturday, December 19th
Frank spent the morning wrapping his gifts like a madman, and getting covered in tape that I had to peel off him because he bites his nails.

Is it wrong that why he was wrapping his gifts I couldn’t stop staring his ass? Its times like that I’m thankful for low rise jeans that don’t cover your ass when you bend over. He didn’t notice so I got away with it.

His ass is very nice.

Sunday, December 20th
“Is it okay if Bob comes round Christmas day? He hasn’t got anywhere else to go,” Ray asked.

“Yeah, I presumed he was coming round anyway,” I said.

“Thanks Gee. You’re the greatest.”

I’m really not but thanks anyway.                  

“Looks like it’s gonna be a full house.”

Monday, December 21st
Mikey popped round today to drop of his and my parent’s gifts. I gave him mine to give to them.

“Mom and dad are still a bit pissed off with you,” he said, putting the gifts in the trunk of his car.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” I mumbled. “I practically told mom I’m a cock hungry slut who trawls bars looking for it while exposing dad’s secret. They have every right to be pissed off at me.”

“Beat last year, that’s for sure,” Mikey grinned. “I’m sure they’ll get over it eventually. Sorry I didn’t tell you about my first girlfriend.”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me everything. Just most things.”      

Tuesday, December 22nd
There’s nothing on TV again. That’s a bad side to the holidays. Everyone’s indoors and there’s nothing on. What the hell is that about? And even if there is it’s a repeat of some last year holiday special that no one wanted to watch the first time round. Frankenstein seems quite content with it though, even if he can’t understand any of it or be able to see in colour. It must be so easy to be a snake, just waiting for your blood to heat up so you can start moving and waiting for your next frozen mouse to be delivered from the guy in the sky. The hot rock must be awesome when it snows. Outside its freezing but inside it’s a tropical summer.

“You don’t know how easy you got it Frankenstein.”

Wednesday, December 23rd
My offer on the apartment was accepted. I move out first week of January.

Thursday, December 24th
23:36, Christmas Eve. We’d been drink since lunchtime and were almost out.

Last us till 28th my ass!

“Okay, I’m…going to bed. I want to remember some of tomorrow,” Ray slurred, wobbling to his feet and across the floor. Frank and I laughed when he walked into his door. A comfortable silence fell soon after. Frank sighed and rested his head on my shoulder as we watched some old rerun.

“Gee, how did you know you were gay?” Frank asked, sounding surprisingly sober for the amount of alcohol he knocked back.

“I started fancying guys, it’s pretty obvious,” I smiled.

“No, like…the first time you realised it. How?”

“First time I realised it I was thirteen and a girl had just asked me out, why I have no idea, but she did. At the same time there was a guy in my biology class who I liked, more than in a friendly way. To avoid torment I said yes to this girl but it didn’t last. The guy just had me more than she ever could. I looked up what it meant to like guys over girls and that’s how I found out. Why do you ask?”

“Just wondered,” he mumbled. “What does it feel like?” He asked, looking at his hands.

“What does what feel like?”

“To kiss a guy.”

“I guess it’s just like kissing a girl but I can’t be sure. I’ve never kissed a girl. Not properly anyway. Depends who it is and what the kiss means.” I didn’t ask why Frank was asking questions all of a sudden, I just gave that excuse to good old beer, my friend since adolescence. Frank put his head back on my shoulder and sighed lightly. I put my head on his and smiled, the alcohol warm in my blood. Frank then moved his head to look at me. I continued to smile at him.

That’s when he kissed me, my face in his hands. I melted into him, kissing him back and putting my hand on the back of his neck before biting at his bottom lip. He got the message and opened up, our tongues brushing against each others, sending little sparks of electrical ecstasy to my cock. After a few minutes he pulled away but only so our lips were barely touching.

“All the fights me and Jamia had were about you,” he panted softly. “I fell for you the moment I first saw you but couldn’t say anything to you so I told her. Then she fell pregnant and I thought that was it, life over, but it’s not. You’re the first guy I’ve ever felt this way about. I told her the other day that I wanted to be with you. I’m surprised she took it so well.” I cut him off and kissed him again.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ve had a thing for you even since you moved in across the hall. We could have started this a lot sooner if you’d said something.”

“I didn’t know what your reaction would be.”

“So you waited until I was drunk? Smart move,” I smiled, wrapping my free arm around him. “Will you move in with me to my new place?” I asked.

“Course,” he mumbled, resting his head on the crock of my neck. His breath tickled. “What does this mean we are?”

“Depends. What do you want us to be?”

“Happy. Together. In a relationship.”

“Then that’s what we are.”

Friday, December 25th
Merry Christmas!

Woke up with Frank asleep on my chest and a killer hangover. What happened the night before gradually seeped through.

We kissed. Alot. Even if it was fuelled by drink we still kissed. And touched. And kissed some more.

Frank yawned and opened his eyes, looking up at me with hazel coloured beauty.

“Merry Christmas,” he said with a sleepy smile.

“Merry Christmas to you too,” I said, tightening my grip in him. “Umm, about last night…”

“I meant every word,” Frank cut me off, staring at me intently.


“Wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t,” he said, shifting to kiss me on the lips but kissing my chin instead.

“So we’re still…?”

“A couple? Yeah, if you want to be.”

“Course I do.”

We stayed conjoined together most of the day. Bob and Ray were the same when he came round in the afternoon. It was great. We didn’t have to say anything but Ray gave me his knowing smile to tell me he knew. Ray squealed with joy when he opened my gift to him. We watched them all that night, without the commentaries. Frank stayed snuggled up to me on the floor while Ray and Bob had the couch. He still gripped my shirt in the same places on Dawn of the Dead. I just grinned and pulled him closer, whispering that I would protect him if zombies tried to burst through the door.

Saturday, December 26th
Popped round to Brendon’s to say thanks for the gift and to see baby Isabella. I don’t normally like kids but she’s so cute it’s just hard to hate her. Brendon answered the door quietly.

“She’s just dropped off,” he whispered.

“Okay,” I hissed back. “How is everything?”

“Great. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. Very tired though. Night feeds are a bitch.”

“Well I can leave if you want to sleep,” I said.

“Na, it’s okay. I’m running on nothing anyway. Thanks for your gifts by the way. She loves that ballerina.”

“No problem. Thanks for yours. It’s gonna come in handy,” I grinned.

Sunday, December 27th
Waking up to Frank is an interesting experience. He sleeps in some weird positions and can’t really stay still. It’s just all part of his charm. As long as he’s in my arms I don’t care how he sleeps. I could just watch him sleep forever. He looks so peaceful and happy. His lips twitches when he sleeps, his lip ring catching the street lights, like he’s trying to say something but can’t.

Everything I’ve wanted now sleeps in my arms.

It’s fantastic.

Monday, December 28th
“This thing is bloody heavy,” I huffed while we carried Frankenstein’s tank back into the living room. I think Ray finally overcame his fear. He still keeps a safe distance but doesn’t seem to be too freaked out anymore.

“Well it’s filled with electronics and shit. What do you expect?” Frank said, almost tripping over a pair of shoes on his way.

“For it to be a little bit lighter,” I grinned at Frank. He grinned back and happiness spread through me.     

Thursday, December 31st
“Nearly New Years,” Ray smiled, one arm around Bob’s waist and the other keeping his drink off the floor. Frank nudged closer into me, smiling widely. I smiled back as we watched the countdown on TV, the usual street party with the usual drunken people jumping around in front of the camera hoping for a few milliseconds on screen as something to brag about for the rest of the year. The digital clock started it’s countdown on the outside of the same old building











We all cheered loudly, Frank wrapped his around my neck and we kissed. He tasted of beer and chocolate.

“If all kisses are gonna be like that roll on the new year,” he said before resting his head on my chest. I tightened my arms around his waist and sighed happily.

It’s a fair assessment that you can judge the rest of the year by how the first day went and by the way I spent mine I can tell it’s gonna be a fucking good year.

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Gemma: Frerardpopheart on March 30th, 2008 03:29 am (UTC)

I was reading it and just started smiling through it. My friends think I'm WIERD!

FINALLY with the Frank liking the Gerard. A wae of just pure happiness ran through me when I read that. They ARE meant for each other. *nod*

Cute little Isabella btw.. awww and aww at Bob taking Brendon to the hospital. Isabella just suits that kid so fucking well. It's just such a name I can see Brendon choosing!!

This whole chapter was one big huge happy ending!!! HOORAY FOR HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!!

Love it. Love love love love.

*is sad it's over*
(Deleted comment)
Lauraxx_anarchy_xx on June 16th, 2008 04:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Utterly..
Wow, that's possibly the nicest comment I've ever gotten. Thanks. If you like this I strongly advise you find the book it’s based on (Twenty Something: The Quarter Life Crisis of Jack Lancaster) because this is nothing compared to that. I just hope the sequel lives up to your expectations. I’ve worked so hard on it so I hope it does.
(Deleted comment)
Laura: MCR - *nod*synthetic_tales on June 16th, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Utterly..
Okay, since you've now friended me can you please not read on Thirty Something? I know it's a big thing to ask but I want to reveal it day by day.
(Deleted comment)
Laura: MCR - *nod*synthetic_tales on June 16th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Utterly..
Thirty Something has already been fully posted here, I'm in the process of cross posting it to other communties. Can you not read Thirty Something until you see it posted in the community you found it?
(Deleted comment)
Laura: MCR - Bob and Ray gigglesynthetic_tales on June 16th, 2008 05:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Utterly..
Thanks *hugs* You're free to read my other stuff though =]
Oh and WELCOME TO LJ! You'll never leave! lol
Lois Jackmanthemaydayangel on December 22nd, 2012 09:27 pm (UTC)
ILY. officially. *squees, dies, takes this fic with me to the afterlife* :D
Early Sunsetriseagainsthim on September 9th, 2015 03:57 pm (UTC)
hey dude :) i don't know if you still check this account, but either way i wanted to tell you something.
i'm impressed - really impressed - by this fic! you did a great job, and this work is just perfect. every time i re-read it i'm just like :DDDD because it's certainly one of the best works i ever read!
just huge THANKS to you man.
and i wonder, may i translate it into russian? it would be cool if you gave me a permission, i'd like to share this fic with russian people!
soo i adore you, amazing-man-who-probably-won't-see-this-comment.
iamabluepotato on October 4th, 2017 06:31 pm (UTC)
friking awesome